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      Employees with 4 paws: Filou


      Employees with 4 paws: Filou

      Dogs are good for the working climate, keep us moving, promote communication and make us laugh. According to a Statista study, dog owners who are allowed to take their animals to work are less stressed and their colleagues more satisfied. And as long as the office community and the superiors have nothing against it, there is a lot to be said for taking friendly four-legged friends to work with you. At Burda, there are many woof-tastic coworkers. Some of these dogfluencers even have their own Instagram account and one of them acted as inspiration for Burda's first dog magazine. Here, a few Burda dogs introduce themselves personally.

      Who are you and where are you from?

      ?My name is Filou, I am a crossbreed and about 1.5 years old. At the age of 4 weeks I was thrown over the fence at a Polish animal shelter and came to a foster home in Germany three months later. My owner saw me on the homepage of an animal protection association and immediately fell in love with me - and I then also fell in love with her. Since I am now in the media business, I also have my own Instagram account, called @filou_mcdogface. Have a look! I already have 320 subscribers! That's a lot!

      Where does your owner work and what's her name?

      ?My owner's name is Stephanie Becker and she works as an editor at the Content Agency R?tsel department in Offenburg. So in principle she stares at a screen eight hours a day and types in some things. She looks a lot into a screen, but there are no exciting animal movies like sometimes at home. Often she sits at the table with many other people and talks and talks, sometimes they bark at each other loudly, or she prints out a lot of papers, which I must not tear under any circumstances, she is really strict about that...

      How often do you come to the office and what does a typical day look like?

      ?I get to come to the office every day. Most of the time we start at around half past nine and have lunch at 1 pm, including either a short walk and coffee break, or a longer walk with my friend Rocco at the dam. Around 18 o'clock we head home. In between there is always time for cuddles or games in the office, depending on whether someone is available at the moment.

      Where's your favorite spot at work?

      ?I prefer to lie under my owner's desk and put my head on the castors of the chair or on her feet... When I'm really tired, I disappear into my box.

      What makes you howl, when do you start growling?

      ?I am very curious, but in some situations also anxious, because I just not used to some things yet. Like most dogs I am totally cuddly, but I'm also fine on my own. I love to run through fields or high grass! Only when I meet strange dogs, I can be quite bitchy.

      Who is your favourite person in the office and why?

      ?I have many favourite people in the office, because everyone is really nice to me. But I especially like to cuddle with Lena, Sabine and Karin. Sometimes someone gives me a cow ear and from Karin I sometimes get kefir, if she has brought some to work... that is also delicious!

      Are there any other office dogs besides you, if so, who??

      ?No, I'm the only Head of Cuddles at the Content Agency R?tsel.

      Truth be told - What mischief have you ever done in the office?

      In my very first week I peed in the hallway because I was so excited. But that never happened again!

      What do you look forward to the most after work?

      I'm looking forward to playing with my male owner again when he comes home and afterwards I lie down on the sofa with both my owners.


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