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    1. Burda helps children

      Burda helps children

      All year round, the Tribute to Bambi Foundation funds aid projects for children and teenagers in Germany and also raises public awareness of social injustices and issues that are not noticed enough in society - to give a voice to those who otherwise would not be heard. The aim is to help children and young people in need with specific and sustainable support and to improve their situation in the long term.

      In the sectors of well-being, social participation and protection of children and young people, the foundation is committed to supporting those who are seriously diseased, mentally injured or economically disadvantaged.

      The Tribute to Bambi charity event is held every year to collect donations for the foundation according to the mission "Bambi helps children in need". Tribute to Bambi was launched in 2001 as an initiative of Patricia Riekel (former editor-in-chief of Bunte) and Philipp Welte (board member of Burda) in order to take advantage of the appeal of the Bambi awards, Germany's most prestigious media award, and to draw attention to children struggling the most in our society.

      Donations are collected for the benefit of impact-oriented projects with support of celebrities, partners from business and media, enterprises and individuals. As well the aim is to draw media attention to the supported projects. To date, more than 150 non-profit organizations could be supported - some of them several times - and more than 9 million euro were collected at financial and material donations. The Tribute to Bambi Foundation is an initiative of Hubert Burda Media and holder of the well-known DZI label.

      The?Tribute to Bambi?Foundation online,?on?Facebook?and on Instagram


      Logo of the Tribute to Bambi Foundation

      A little help from the deer – the foundation supports projects throughout Germany for children in need

      Patricia Riekel is the chair of the Tribute to Bambi Foundation

      Patricia Riekel and children from the charity Dare e.V. at Tribute to Bambi 2015

      Patricia Riekel and Jochen Schropp with show act Anisa Celik at Tribute to Bambi 2018 ? Clemens Porikys for Hubert Burda Media

      Lucia Walter
      PR manager Corporate Communications
      +49 89 9250 3749
      Sabine Kamrath
      Project Manager Tribute to Bambi Stiftung
      +49 89 92502475