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    1. Helping others

      Helping others

      Hubert Burda Media is a family company with values. We want to work together to make things happen! To move people emotionally with our topics and stories. To actively drive societal change. To encourage individuals to get involved and to highlight their commitment. The Burda family set a good example; they have been fulfilling their social responsibilities for many generations and continue to donate to, set up and support cultural and social organisations to this day.

      Personal, diverse, sustainable

      Developed from personal stories and driven by courage and optimism, our foundations and brand initiatives have been advocating for social issues for many decades in an effort to improve our society. Focal areas include education, art and culture, supporting Germany-wide projects to help children in need, environmental protection, healthcare information and prevention, and improving the healthcare system.

      Famous events such as Bambi, the Tribute to Bambi charity gala and the Felix Burda Award attract a lot of coverage, draw attention to socially relevant topics, encourage important figures to network and give a platform to aid organisations and social initiatives.

      Together we can make a difference!

      We encourage and help our employees to support social projects close to their hearts. No project is too small, no idea too big. By harnessing the wide range of skills within the Burda network, we can make even the smallest project a big deal – and work together in support of socially relevant topics.

      Our volunteering award honours employees who dedicate themselves to social projects and provides financial support for selected initiatives.