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    1. Students
      Opportunities for students

      Final thesis

      Putting knowledge into words

      You’re in one of your final semesters and would like to write a Bachelor’s or a Master’s thesis with a practical focus? Then we’re looking forward to your application if you have found an exciting subject that you would like to work on at and for Burda. Many of our corporate divisions offer you the opportunity to write a final thesis. You gain practical insights and are supervised intensively by our colleagues from one of the specialist departments and the human resources department.?

      This is how it works: Send a proactive?application, name your topic proposal and tell us over which period of time you would like to work on your final thesis. Our colleagues at HR will then find out whether and in what area you’d be able to write your final thesis at Burda. Writing the thesis is usually linked to an internship in the same department. You’ll be able to delve into your subject while being supported by specialists at the same time.?


      Building a strong network

      Spice up your degree with exciting practical insights, get to know everyday work at one of the biggest media and technology companies in Germany, and make contacts within our successful brand network. We’re always looking for committed interns who would like to get to know one of the many different areas of our company. Regardless of whether you’re joining an editorial office, one of our development teams, procurement or corporate communications – there are plenty of opportunities. We would be very pleased if you became one of our approximately 600 interns, who support us every year in the whole of Germany. Internships normally last between three to six months.?

      At Burda, networking is very important. As part of our “Meet and Connect” program, you will have the chance to get to know the company better, as well as other interns and working students. At regular events, lunches and excursions, you’ll be able to get to know your peers and gain valuable insights into other corporate divisions.?

      At the end of your internship you will have the chance to join our Burda TalentNetwork ((LINK)). We will then stay in touch on a long-term basis, setting the course for working together in the future.

      The duration and conditions of an internship can vary depending on the division. For further information see our current internship offers on our job market.?

      Working student

      Working while studying

      Put your theoretical knowledge into practice early on: As a working student at Burda you not only get to know everyday work at a leading media and technology company, but you will also work on exciting projects independently, have the chance to make your ideas happen and learn within a great team.?

      We’re looking for students who are interested in supporting us on a regular basis and would like to drive digital trends and innovations with us.?For current job offers see our job search.?

      Burda Bootcamp

      Bringing your ideas to life

      Would you like to develop new products and services yourself in a very short time? Burda Bootcamp allows you to do this. Burda Bootcamp is the startup lab of Hubert Burda Media. As part of programs such as the Summer School, aspiring young entrepreneurs with a technical background can develop completely new ideas from scratch and get them to MVP (minimum viable product) status within two weeks.?

      To support innovation at an early stage, we organize several events, including Burda Hackday, Nano Hacks, CTO Battle and tech und startup meetups.

      At Start-Up Night, another Bootcamp event, early-phase startups compete for tickets for a workplace at the Bootcamp, mentoring, and access to a large network and digital ecosystem.

      Sounds exciting? For more information on Burda Bootcamp see www.burdabootcamp.de

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